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Friday, 19 August 2016 16:16

Advanced Coaching,Healing and Psychotherapy

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Advanced Coaching, Healing or Psychotherapy with Jack Makani coming up in Vilnius and Copenhagen soon.
Once again Jack is offering his breakthrough coaching and healing sessions in Vilnius, Lithauenea and Copenhagen, Denmark. You can have either healing or advanced coaching or both, depending on what kind problem you need to work on. A session normally takes from 60 – 90 minutes. 

We start with the symptom and goes beyond that to identify the basic codes behind the problem. That will ensure that you will have a long lasting result.The session can take place in Danish, English or a 3rd language (for that you need a translator) Jack has a lot of experience in offering sessions with translation.

Jack is the founder of the Akasha Healing System – which is one of his favorite tools. Today he teach this system world wide. Jack also use and teach the quite new kind of personal change technology called the Quantum Breakthrough Code - Which is a wonderful self-help tool. You also have an opportunity to get an individual Akasha initiation which can replace and Akasha seminar.  Jack is a member of The Association of Danish Psychotherapy. Due to that Jack doesn´t live in Denmark anymore and mostly work world-wide, he is a rare guest in Denmark so now you have the opportunity to meet him and get one of his breakthrough sessions. 

Call or write Jack and hear more about your options. 
You can call +35796589709 for Copenhagen. 
For Vilnius you can also call Julija Kubova at + 370 85215177. 
There is a possibility to write Jack Makani in his official facebook page to schedule a session.

Coming up in September
Vilnius, Lithaunea: 01st – 03rd September 2016
Copenhagen 28th – 30th September 2016

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