Akasha Seminar, Armenia

Training dates: 6th to  12th May, 2017 

Visiting Jack Makani training on the system of spiritual development and healing
Training Akasha in Armenia - is a special training. Armenia - this is one of the most beautiful places on earth, a unique country with unique ancient culture. The base of our training will be located near the town of Dilijan, in a comfortable hotel, located in an incredibly beautiful mountain valley, specially designed for training and other activities.

The first 3 and half days we will be traveling to the most beautiful and ancient places of Armenia. The remaining 3 days will be devoted to the work of transformation and mastery of practices Akasha. These days we mostly spend in the conference hall of the hotel and the nearest adjacent territory.

Training Schedule
5th May: Participants transfer. The bus leaves at 17.00. All you need - is to arrive at the specified location in the center of Yerevan to 17.00. Check in hotel.
6th May: The training began in the hotel's conference room. Opening of the training. After lunch - work with the elements. A trip to Lake Sevan - one of the most beautiful places of Armenia.
7th May: Cleansing unconscious using Transformation Time Line and other transformation processes. Preparing for initiation. 
8th May: The practical application of Akasha system. Demonstration session with Jack Makani. Training participants in pairs and small groups.
9th May: Visit to the canyon Lastiver, one of the most beautiful places of Armenia. Hiking, meditation in nature. Full day.
10th May: Travel sacred historical sites of Armenia: Garni visit (ancient temple of the sun god Mithras) and Gegard Monastery. Full day.
11th May: Travel sacred historical sites of Armenia: visit Haghpat Monastery, church and convent complex Sanahin Odzun. Full day.
12th May: Establishment of the focus on the desired future. Completion of the training at 17:00. 13 th May: Departure. At 10.00 - the participants organized a transfer from the hotel to Yerevan (Yerevan time of arrival - 11.30).

If you want to know more about place and training please visit http://akasha-training.ru/ 

Organizational information
Dates of training: 6 -12 May
Check in: May 5 
Training start: May 6 at 10:00 am| End of training: May 12 at 17:00 | Check-out: May 13

Venue of training
Training will be held at the Haghartsin - comfortable, cozy hotel on the outskirts Dilijan city, located on the slope of a mountain valley in the 1.5-hour drive from Yerevan. 

Cost of participation in training: 615 euros
The cost of training is included transfer to the hotel in Yerevan May 5 at 17:00 and return at 10:00 on May 13.
Seats in the group is limited - 40 people!

For any questions please contact us at  and call tel. +7 929 931 77 25

We will be glad to share with you this amazing training trip!


Location Armenia