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I met one of my Cypriot friends this morning and we had a chat. During the conversation I said; “It must be awful to be a citizen of Aleppo right now” and continued” some of the children have been born during those terrible bombings the last couple of month”. He answered back “A lot of human beings do not pay respect to each other”.

He is right – to have peace in the world we need to pay respect to each other. It does not mean that we can´t disagree – of course not - it only means that we respect others right to have a different opinion. We are different people. We come from different cultures and different religions and we have different values. And still we can pay respect to each other. We can listen to each other and learn from each other.

I love to be together with people from other cultures. Why? Because I know there might be something to learn from that. Being together with my own culture means that I very often just get confirmation on what I know already and being together with other cultures means that I meet other perspectives to a lot of things. This broaden out my understanding of humanity and extend a global perspective.

We are very fast entering a kind of new time and that demands new thinking and much more flexibility from us. A new time also create challenges. What has been - may change in the future. More people moving from land to city. What to do with garbage. Lack of electricity and clean water. It is not difficult to predict that 2017 may take us into a huge pressure on the current financial system.
We can go two ways;

1)    Isolate ourselves within our nations and try to defend what we have already. That may lead to more social unrest and even more terrorism and violence. It may lead to more desperate reactions from the poor world. It may even lead towards more wars.

2)    We can also move towards unity. Pay respect for each other. Support those in need – I believe the best support is knowledge, education and investment. That can over time increase the middleclass even more and lead into more freedom and prosperity for everybody. It can lead to peace among people in the world. Why should there not be room for all of us and why should we not have what we need.

I honestly think this is too important to leave only for politicians. I think it takes your opinion and effort too. I feel we are entering a crucial year which will force us to make a choice. Let´s work the best we can for peace in the world. Let´s listen to each other. Let´s talk to each other. Let´s share with each other.
I thank you for reading this.

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