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Self-coach practitioner

November 4 @ 1:30 pm - November 10 @ 5:00 pm UTC+0


Registrations are closed for this event

The essential 7 Step program for Self-exploration and Mastery

This Self-coaching  Process was developed by Jack and Helene Makani in 2009 when the financial World Crises peaked and it has been used by hundreds of people since to recreate their life. It is described in a book called “Self-coaching – The 7 steps to yourself” written by Jack Makani. It can be used by everyone for any kind of change in life. Below you  find the 7 steps.

Everything Starts In The Mind” JACK MAKANI

Step1. Take responsibility for everything in life
The Principles that make the techniques work. The World is inside you. The building bricks of thoughts. The four overall ways of exploring reality. Anchoring – the glue that keeps everything together.

Step 2. Know yourself
The window of Johari. The beliefs are all that exist.
The values – our inner emotional motivation. The basics of communication. The autopilot and how we do things unconsciously. Find your special resource.

Step 3. Explore the present
How to pay attention in daily life. Training Awareness. Flexibility is about different perspectives (positions). The art of reframing – how to look for resources in everything. The Walt – Disney Model – The teamwork of the three minds

Step 4. Clean up your life
Cleaning up in your psychical reality.  Cleaning up your Inner world. How to change beliefs. How to balance inner dualities.

Step 5. Live from the Heart
What does this mean for you? Exploration exercises. Decide your personal ethics – your commitments. The magic of using Linguistic presuppositions. How to model living from the Heart.

Step 6. Decide what you want
What is possible for me? The Mission Discovery Process. Create focus – decide your goals. Write them down. Empower what you want – How to use the anchoring process.

Step 7. Empowerment
Daily cleaning up the mind. Empower by the use of self-hypnosis. Check your commitments. Empower Your mission by the use of modeling. Make your practical plan and take action. Be ready to adjust – Life is a process!

The price of training: 725 EUR
If you are also participating in Akasha Training in Cyprus, you are getting 15% off for this training and your training fee is 615 EUR.

Please contact Julija Kubova for online registration.


November 4 @ 1:30 pm
November 10 @ 5:00 pm


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