“ Makani Partners – on this site you find members of Transformational Holistic Community (THC). It is a network of Highly qualified professionals who work with the intention to create a better life for people in the world.”

Makani Academy works with local companies, agencies, private institutes. Our partners contribute their ideas, volunteer power, and knowledge to develop Makani academy vision in every aspects all around the world.


Visionary International
Indra Gurung & Razee Shrestha




 Vektor Rosta, Russia
Irina Karopa

Galina Zaloga



Mind Matrix, India 

Kusum Gandi VIG




Alter Ego Trainings, Lithuania
Julia Kubova

Tatjana Bubelo



Adastra, Faroes Island 

Dorthe Gyldenkærne




Marina Petrova


The Network is still expanding and Jack Makani is constantly looking for new partners in other regions of the world.

Therapy Sessions

Whenever Jack Makani is in your area, he offers private coaching, psychotherapy & healing For booking and more info - Click Here !