Akasha level 7.5-6

Akasha level 7.5-6 This is the third level of Akasha Initiators. After this seminar the student is supposed to
• Initiate others at Akasha level 5 and level 6 (please remember there needs to be two month in between initiation of level 5 and 6).
• Teach the client at level 5 how to do distance healing with clients.
• Teach the client at level 6 how to perform Personal Energy Transformation (PET)
• Assist the Full Initiator and Trainer during the Akasha seminar including teaching level groups if necessary.
The initiation and certification at Akasha level 7.5 – 6 authorize a student to initiate one person at a time.

Section 1. How to initiate individuals for Akasha level 5 – procedure

Section 2. How to Initiate individuals for Akasha level 6 – procedure