Akasha Level 6

Akasha level 6 The student is supposed to:
• Get initiated at Akasha level 6.
• Learn how to do Personal Energy Transformation (PET)
• Open even more for the connection and communication between the Unconscious, Conscious and the Higher Mind.
• Be able to use all level 1, 2 and 3 symbols with good connection to the sources.
• Be able to tune into the energy of the client and work creatively with Holistic Transformational Coaching & Healing.
• Be able to use the Process of Creation for own use as well as with clients.
• Assist the Initiator during initiations.
• Supervise a small Akasha group during the training.

Section 1. Personal Energy Transformation (PET)
Section 2. The Process of Creating the life you want.
Section 2 If you know the Walt Disney Model I would suggest to check your mission in that model.
Section 3: Here come the second step – write down you goals to have the mission come thru.
Section 3: Here comes step 3 – How to create focus in the mind towards your goals.