Akasha Level 4

Akasha level 4. The student is supposed to:
• Get initiated at Akasha level 4.
• Know the sources behind the symbols and how to connect to them when using symbols.
• Open even more for the connection and communication between the Unconscious, Conscious and the Higher Mind.
• Start practicing Holistic Transformational Coaching i.e. creative combination of healing and change work with clients.
• Supervise small Akasha training groups.
Further the student is suggested to look into:
• Parts-integration with infinity loop.
• The Walt Disney creativity process.
• How to use trance in change work.

Section 1. The sources behind the Akasha Empowerment & Healing System.
Section 2: Cleaning up inner parts – Inner opposites
Section 3. Self-hypnosis.
Section 4: The Walt Disney Model