Akasha Level 3

Akasha level 3. The student are supposed to:
• Get initiated at Akasha level 3.
• Integrate those symbols and learn how to use them.
• Know about ascension and grounding.
• Open even more for the connection and communication between the Unconscious, Conscious and the Higher Mind.
• Be able to practice daily use of symbols at all level: Akasha 1, 2 and 3.
• Create a personal program which the student can use for daily praxis.
• Learn how to practice healing of others by using level 1, 2 and 3 Akasha healing symbols.
Further the student is suggested to look into/repeat:
• How to analyze own belief-system and how to change a limiting belief by using the 9 squares model.
• How to strengthen a belief.
• The Value clarification Process.
• Linguistics presuppositions.

Section 1: The Level 3 symbols.
Section 2: The Belief-system.
Section 3: How to change a limiting belief.
Section 4. How to strengthen a belief.
Section 5: Values – Your personal motivators.
Section 6. The power of Linguistic presuppositions.