Makani Vision

Makani Vision

Our Vision: Our vision to support the people of the world to realize that everybody is responsible for what happen in life. And thus we create our own life.

Makani Academy with the slogan ‘for peace in the world’ was founded in 1990 by Jack Makani and Helene Makani. Since its establishment Makani academy is empowering individuals through enlightenment, personal development. Makani educates people, consultant organizations with healing and coaching objectives throughout the world. The mission of Makani Academy is to support individuals and organizations to grow by developing their inherent qualities. Recently Makani Academy has transformed to Makani International as a Nonprofit Organization (NPO) with the slogan for peace in the world. Makani has professional partners and friends in more than 25 countries and territories helping individuals to achieve their goals. It raises attention about violence on Earth in so many aspects of our life. Makani helps partners to develop leadership skills, institutional capabilities and build resilience in order to sustain development results.

Makani Academy Chair Mr Jack Makani says it in one word “We do this by working together with likeminded organizations and individuals in the world and by running “Hug & Heal the Earth” workshops based on the Universal principles. We create a unique negotiation tool and teach that to so many people as possible to have any conflicts find their solutions by peaceful means.

Our mission: Makani Academy supports individuals and organizations to grow by developing their inherent qualities. Makani mission is to run a campaign about and initiate discussions, workshops etc. for more people to question the current climate of how we are dealing with each other.

Slogan and logo: for Peace in the World
Our slogan is for peace in the world. The three selves exist in Makani logo holds: Subconscious mind, conscious mind and higher mind.


Vision of Jack Makani is to Train and certify as many Full Holistic Initiators & Trainers (8.2) as possible and in a way that cover the world world. With the intention that those initiators and Trainers will establish Holistic Institutes (Akasha) and train people in their own country.

To do that i need a network of organizers who can invite me to do the Akasha Trainings in their area. I will prefer organizers who already have established institutes or the like and intend to include the Akasha Trainings in their programs.

Here in 2018, we have a number of established institutes which teach this program already. I intend to corporate with those institutes also for the future and more present my own Makani Academy under the headline: “Join Makani Academy and see the world”. It is very important for me to keep a close corporation with local institutes and also to support the start-up of new institutes.