Dear Friends
I have been thinking on what I could share with you at the end of this year. And will share something we have had focus on during the last number of years. We call it The Process of Creation from the Heart. In Makani Academy we have specialized into this process because we believe this is our way to contribute to Peace in the World which is our motto.

I personally find it a big honor to be here on the planet at this time and be part of the transformation process that goes on these years. We are really living in an awakening time to a higher consciousness which is going to radically change life conditions on this planet for all of us. Humanity have always been living in a developing process and this has accelerated very fast the last 100- 200 years.
Since the 1945 this development process has exploded and a huge amount of innovations has been implemented in our daily life. TV, Computers, smartphones, aircrafts, cars, transplantation of organs, exploration of our solar system, prevention, understanding of our DNA, accelerated online teaching and a lot more. All of it a result of the growing number of entrepreneurs who step upon the world scene with new and even better ideas which can make us more rich and ease our life. And this is beautiful.
To produce all those things we need energy and we have taken it from the planet of course. Oil, gas and different other resources. Now we have also discovered that we have been too tough towards the Planet, the fauna and the animals. We have wildly used of the natural resources upon the planet. All this progress has had a price. We are close to have destroyed the natural balance in nature. The balance of what we can call LIFE. We are now discovering that the planet also is a kind of living being and she is not happy with us at the moment. She reacts and shake the world, increase the cyclones and volcanic activity and other reactions. She may try to wake us up so we can feel her pain.
It works and more and more people actually wake up and realize that we are really able to create our life. That we have the power to do that. And none of us are alone in the world not even if we may think so. We are all part of a larger system. We are interconnected. We have a responsibility for our self and for others. We discover that our way of life has had consequence for us all. We start to discover that our innovation should focus on technology which can make our life better both for our self and for others and we should do that in a way that also respect and support the flora and the animals around us. We are all part of the same larger system and must contribute in our unique way to live in balance with LIFE. This ´road` will take us towards a life in ´Paradise`. It is the `road` of love or the ´road´ of the Heart.
There is another `road` and on that one the majority of us keep on reacting as if each of us are the most important person in the world and due to that we can do whatever we want with no respect for LIFE! We can keep on to have the Solar Plexus alone decide our life and our demands. I think this `road` will take us directly towards the destruction of our planet and our life conditions.
The way forward should be the ´road´ where more and more people faster and faster move towards a higher and higher consciousness and realize that we are all at one and we needs to respect each other, the fauna, the animals and the planet if self. We need to connect ourselves to LIFE. It will not prevent us from having a life in prosperity and love. Not at all. Humans are fantastic creative beings. It is not a matter of cutting down – it is a matter of knowing that we are at one and based on that wisdom we use our creativity to produce technology which improve our life with respect and corporation to nature, the planet and LIFE itself.
I think we are at a crossroad! Each of us have a choice!

Welcome to 2018.

– Jack Makani


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