NLP Coach Practitioner or Mastering your Life training – The key to expand your career and private life.
Maybe you have been wondering when to take a NLP Practitioner for some time? Maybe you need a boost in your career and private life? Maybe you need to get away from daily challenges and regain your power and overview? Maybe you would like to combine your next vacation with personal development and would like to try out something new?

Maybe you have a need to review you NLP Practitioner or NLP master and get some new models or new perspectives? Maybe you have a deeper personal problem and would like to find a solution and are looking for a safe and supportive environment for that? Maybe you have heard about Akasha Healing and would like to meet the founder before you take the first Akasha seminar?

If you can say yes to one of those questions then we have an offer to you.

The NLP Coach Practitioner Training is a Self-coaching seminar and gives you knowledge and psychological tool to master your career and private life even better.

It consists of a collection of Mind expanding techniques and meditations which enable you to stay fit in the challenging situations of modern life. It combines brain-power techniques with balancing mindful meditations and even connects you to nature during outdoor yoga and exercises.

The seminar will provide you with

  • More personal power
  • More knowledge of who you are at a deeper level
  • Better personal communication with others.
  • Better result in negotiation.
  • More knowledge of your belief system
  • More knowledge of your deepest personal values
  • More insight of limiting habits and how to change them
  • More knowledge of your strong sides.
  • More authenticity.
  • More focus on what you really want in life and how to get it.Days will start with a morning yoga and mindfulness program at 7.30 a.m. on the beach. Rests of mornings are mostly for yourself for sunbathing, jogging, fitness center, swimming etc. Or a visit to downtown Larnaca, Cyprus.
    Headlines for the days are:
    1st day: Welcome and Practical things. Intro to the personality and structure of how the mind works.
    2nd day: How to find your deeper motivation and your core beliefs.
    3rd day: How to clean up your personality and negative emotions with Timeline Transformation.
    4th day: How to increase contact to others and expand your communication and negotiation. The use of practical language models in communication.
    5th day: How to do coaching in praxis, extend your creativity and balance inner conflicts.
    6th day: Visit to nature trails in Troodos Mountains. Explore and connect to the amazing silence in pure nature.
    7th day: Finding your vision/mission. The creating your life process and aligning inner conflict with what you want in life. Closing down the seminar.
    Link to the calendar and information about upcoming events.
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