This course is available for people who has finished ENNEAGRAM PRACTITIONER course and would like to make the further step towards better yourself recognition and ability to become YOUR OWN HAPPY LIFE CREATOR, to know and accept yourself, transforming the traumas and phobias from childhood which will help to change life forever.

10 reasons why you should enroll to the course:
1. You will learn that every Enneagram type and personality is  defined by one of the instincts (self-preservation, one-to-one, social);
2. You will identify your dominating instinct and will balance other two instincts which will allow you to balance your personality at all levels bringing more balance and harmony into your life.
3. You will focus your attention to your childhood memories and will find out which traumas you experienced as  the result of your Enneagram type personality;
4. You will transform the most deepest traumas from childhood that will change your relationship with your parents and will allow you to build your personal relationship with your spouse and all other people.
5. You will find about Enneagram types paradoxes and will balance weak and strong part of your personality. It will help you to accept yourself and feel more love and acceptance inside of your life.
6. You will learn the level of development of different types and will deeply understand how all types behave, feel and operate as the result of their level of spiritual development.
7. You will identify your own level of development and will experience the effect of being on a higher level of spiritaul development.
8. In the result of analyzing your current values and aims you will make a structured plan which help you to develop yourself in the future and maintain your psychological balance in life.
9. You will develop alternative strategy inside of your personality using the modeling structure.
10 You will get Enneagram master certificate which will allow you to participate in Enneagram Trainer course in the future.

Course Program
* Instincts and their influence on the Enneagram type.
* Identifying your main instinct and balancing three other instinct for more balanced personality.
* The influence of Enneagram type on your childhood perception. Finding our the childhood traumas and transforming them. forgiveness excesses of your parents and balancing your current relationship with your spouses (partners) , children and other people.
* Integration of the lost message from childhood.
* Enneagram types paradoxes. Finding the most strongest and most weakest part of your personality and balancing them.
* Understanding Enneagram deeply: nine levels of development of nine Enneagram types. The „alarm“ sign and „Red flag“ understanding for your spiritual development. How to keep yourself balanced and develop integrated strategy of your type.
* Identifying your own level of spiritual development. Future action plan for further spiritual development.
Integrating inside of your personality useful qualities of another Enneagram types using modeling system.

Certified ICTA Enneagram, Coaching, NLP, Business trainer, Holistic Trainer (Akasha system).
MA degree in Coaching and Leadership (Lithuania), MA degree in Marketing and advertising (UK), BA degree in languages (Lithuania). Co-owner and director of training agency “AlterEgo Trainings” in Lithuania.
Business School and Applied Social Science College Lecturer.
Women Entrepreneurship encouragement project developer (Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Lithuania).
Professional translator into English, Russian and Lithuanian Languages.
Julija’s main moto in life “To do the impossible it is kind of fun!”.

Full 4 days course costs 350 EUR.

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