8 on-line sessions (17 hours) and 10 hours of individual and one-to-one work.

Why should you attend the course?
1.You will know your subconscious motive which forms your behavior and consequently influences your past, present and future.
2. You will find out your inner talent, your strongest part of personality and psychological patterns which could be further developed.
3. You will find out how stress affects you and other people. You will get the mechanism which will allow you become stress resistant and recover yourself much faster from unpleasant situations.
4. You will find out how other people manipulate and control other people. You will understand the inner controlling psychological process standing behind it and will know how to deal with it.
5. You will learn your own and other people goal achieving strategy. This skill will help to recruit, motivate and sustain any team at work or your personal life.
6. You will get a new perception of conflict stages and will learn your own and other people conflict management strategy. It will greatly help you to foreseen and positively solve pre-conflict situations.
7. You will learn how to identify other people Enneagram type from their verbal and non-verbal information. This skill will boost your relationship with people on a new level.
8. You will construct the everyday plan which will help you to sustain and develop your psychological state by daily practices.
9. You will learn new psychological methods which are essential for efficient coaching, management, leadership and conflict management process.
10. You will be certified as ENNEAGRAM PRACTITIONER which allows you to continue Enneagram studies in Master, Parenting, Relationship, Leadership or Business spheres.

1 on-line session. 2.5 hours
* Presentation of the trainers and participants.
* Enneagram fundamentals. History and Main stream of the Enneagram in the world. Ancient Roots and Modern Changes. The fourth way for Holistic Human Psychology understanding.
*Three Centers: Heart (Emotional), Mental (Intellectual), Body (Physical center). The main psychological demands and pattern forming mechanism. Identifying your own leading center and harmonizing all three centers. Balancing three centers together.
*Jo-hari window. The model of self-analysis. Why do we notice one things about ourselves and ignore different aspects.
* Demonstration how to work with Jo-hari window by using C.O.A.C.H state and discover yourself.

2 on-line session:
2 hours.
* The main terms of the Enneagram: fixation-motivation -virtue – essence. The strategy of integration (comfort) and disintegration (stress).
* Heart (Emotional) center types analysis: 2 (Helpers), 3 (Achievers), 4 (Individualists).
* How to recognize them (verbal and non-verbal information reading) and to understand their psychological personality structure. Understanding integration (comfort) and disintegration (stress) for all three heart types.

3 on-line session: 2 hours.
* Metal (Intellectual) center types analysis: 5 (Thinkers), 6 (Realists), 7 (Enthusiasts).
* How to recognize them (verbal and non-verbal information reading) and to understand their psychological personality structure. Understanding integration (comfort) and disintegration (stress) for all three mental types. 

4 on-line session:
2 hours.
* Body (Physical) center types analysis: 8 (Leaders), 9 (Peacemakers), 1 (Perfectionists). How to recognize them (verbal and non-verbal information reading) and to understand their psychological personality structure. Understanding integration (comfort) and disintegration (stress) for all three body types.
* The influence of the wings to the main type. Jo-hari window exercise discussion and result analysis.

5 on-line session:
2 hours.
* Goals and own demands satisfaction in everyday life for each 9 Enneagram types.
* Sigmund Freud understanding of psychological mechanism and interconnection with Enneagram.
* Karen Horney groups: compliant types: 1-2-6, aggressive 3-7-8, withdrawn types: 4-9-5.

6 on-line session:
2 hours.
* Conflict management using Enneagram system. Conflict structure and psychological reasoning. How to identify conflict in early stage and make it positive power?
* The Harmonic approaches of Enneagram of each type. Positive group: 7-9-2. Reactive group: 8 -4-6. Competency group: 1-3-5. Each group conflict strategy and psychological demand.
* The manipulation patterns for all 9 Enneagram types. How other types perceive energy from other people? Self-preservation practices.

7 on-line session:
2 hours.
* Neurological levels of Robert Dilts and the usage of the method in identifying your own Enneagram type and helping to identify other people types.
* The mechanism of psychological patterns formation and the way of development for every Enneagram type.
* New psychological pattern construction: from typical behavior to the essence. Eternity loop as the practice to the development.

8 on-line session:
2.5 hours.
* Analysis of all course and recovering all course materials.
* Video analysis of different Enneagram types. Verbal and non-verbal analysis of the types.
* Using other types strategies for balancing your own energy.
* Test for accredited Enneagram practitioner certificate.

Dorthe Gyldenkaerne
– Certified ICTA Enneagram, Coaching, NLP, Holistic Trainer (Akasha System).
– Diploma as teacher (Denmark), Owner and director of Ad astra, consulting (Faroe Islands)
– Money Consciousness & Women Empowerment (Faroe Islands, Norway).
– Experienced international trainer, therapist, Akasha Master Healer and supervisor affiliated with Makani Academy (Cyprus)
Dorthe’s main motto in Life: “Make things right, first time!”

Julija Kubova
– Certified ICTA Enneagram, Coaching, NLP, Business trainer, Holistic Trainer (Akasha system).
– MA degree in Coaching and Leadership (Lithuania), MA degree in Marketing and advertising (UK), BA degree in languages (Lithuania). Co-owner and director of training agency “AlterEgo Trainings” in Lithuania.
– Business School and Applied Social Science College Lecturer.
– Women Entrepreneurship encouragement project developer (Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Lithuania).
– Professional translator into English, Russian and Lithuanian Languages.
Julija’s main moto in life “To do the impossible it is kind of fun!”.

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